I think it is safe to say that black is my go to color for dressing.  I found this super comfy sweatshirt from Asos, where they’d call this a jumper, probably.  It’s a bit oversized but not hugely.  I paired it with my black jeans and my trusty Stan Smith Originals.  These Adidas give me a bit of street cred at work since Adidas and Nike seem to be the acceptable brand of tennis shoes for my middle schoolers.



Can’t help but post another view of this look.  I just love how it is crisp and clean.  The only thing I would change is maybe add some nude heels to this look for a more sleek and modern look.  So, plan to see this again sometime soon.



I love a turtleneck.  I always have.  I think it’s a result of my 80’s upbringing.  You couldn’t turn around without seeing a turtleneck in the 80’s and 90’s.  I’m bringing them back but an updated ribbed, short sleeved version.  I paired it with my Who What Wear cape blazer I snagged a couple of seasons ago.

What do you think?  Are you a turtleneck fan?